About life

Living Dead

What happens if someone’s heart stops beating?

He/she dies.

Heartbreaks. The feeling of unrequitted love…

Arent I a living dead too then?

I had the weirdest and saddest dream today.

I cant remember exactly how it happpened but in my dream it was all planned. We talked about it and we agreed on it…

We brought him to a funeral parlor while he’s still alive!

The plan is for him to choose his coffin and wait for his death while everyone of us waits outside for him to die.

He will be taking some kind of medicine that will kill him little by little.

We were all waiting outside, until I decide to get inside and tried to see him.

When I went inside he, was still alive but he said he is slowly feeling a little weaker as time goes by.

I cried hearing it and tried to talk to him out of it…he just shook his head…and then I woke up…

About life


A man walks in the garden of beautiful roses. He intends to get the most beautiful rose of all.

He walks a few steps, and saw a beautiful rose. He wants to pick it up right away because of its beauty, but decided to keep walking thinking there are still many more flowers to look around for.

Another flower caught his attention as he walked in the aisle of beautiful roses. He stopped and smell the new rose, he was happy. He wanted this rose to be his. But he saw there are still many more flowers to choose from. So he left and look for some more.

Far beyond, he saw a perfect flower. The shape, the size, the scent made him fell for the flower.

But, “Im sure there’s more,” he told himself and let go of the flower and walked a few steps more.

Only to realize that he’s out of the garden.

There is no way he could go back to the garden.

So the man walked with a heavy heart. If only he had chosen one and got contended he would not have left the garden empty handed.

About life


You talked and agreed to meet again

At midnight on that day.

She fixed her hair, tidied up her dress

She wanted to look good

To make your eyes pleased.

Two or three hours before the final hour

Her heart keeps beating faster

Every minute as it comes closer

She can’t breathe waiting and from excitement.

The hour finally came.

She waited and waited and waited still.

One hour, two hours, and even three hours gone by

No sign or shadow of someone to come

Her smile turned to cry

He never came, never showed up.

She didnt know what is the reason he stood her up.


About life


You left without a clue

Left me hanging, questioning.

What did I ever do

To make you turn your back and go.

You let me believe you’ll stay

No matter how hard the situation

I accepted your every word

To me all that matters is what you say.

If you will come back

Honestly, I hope you would

I will welcome you

With hand outstretched

Wholeheartedly, mind and soul.

If you will come back

I will keep you forever

Even if your feelings change again

I wont let you go

I’ll follow you till the end.

So please don’t come back

If you’re not planning to stay for good.

I’m tired of playing games.

I want a love that will stay until the end of days.

About life


Don’t be sad that is it over, be happy that it has happened.

Let it hurt until it hurts no more.

Always easier said than done.

People cope differently in any situation. Even in letting go and moving on.

I guess, there is no one quick fix to use in this kind of situation.

It hurts a lot to love someone. To invest your time, effort and yes even invest financially.

You got caught up at the moment and you thought it will never end.

Only to wake up one day and know that your “forever” is short lived.

Now you just have to let it hurt you and haunt you.

And hope that sooner or later all the hurt and pain will be gone.

About life



She knew him once before.
Couldn’t believe she’d see him once more.
The old flame she thought had died down
Suddenly sparked and turned to fire.

The longing she thought was lost
Slowly crept up to find its host
Memories long forgotten
Quickly resurfaced to its place

Fate played games of cupid.
Reunited their souls
Two hearts intertwined together
Destined as one body and soul.



Bad Judgement

I was with my son and we saw one of my colleagues at work, who’s probably five years behind to a senior citizen.

I introduced my son to him. After he left, my son asked me, “Is he older than you mom?”

I was shocked, embarrased and yes, insulted by my son’s “bad judgement.” How could he not see that my co worker is far, far older than me!?

I answered him harshly, “You know stupid questions deserve stupid answers right?”

And, I lectured him about being sensitive, and thinking before asking or saying anything, blah blah blah..

He kept silent and I just saw him looked to the ground. And then I thought, “A tap on the shoulder for a job well done. Another point for good parenting discipline!”

And, then God spoked to me. “Mind your judgement, my daughter.”

I looked at my son and then it hit me. My son, though thirteen years old looked more like ten or eleven years old.

He told me once before that whenever people would ask him, ” Anong grade ka na?” Instead of saying, “Grade six”, he’d just say, “Grade four.” Because nobody would believe him if he tells them he’s grade 6.

And, that’s where he’s coming from. He has met a lot of people who looks older than him but were actually younger.

That’s the reason why he asked me if the guy that we met was older than me. Not because he was asking a stupid question, but because of his experiences.

My son did not have a bad judgement, I did. My son was not insentitive, I was.

Yes, I deserve a tap, but not on the shoulder, the face perhaps. 🙂 😛

I felt bad for what I did to my son and I have asked for forgiveness. I should be more careful next time.

And, I thank God for correcting me and reminding me of His ways.

“Joyful are those you discipline, Lord , those you teach with your instructions.”

Psalms 94:12 NLT