My Covid-19 Journey

When Covid-19 started in December 2019, we at the Airport were already aware and started with some health protocols right away. Back then we still have everyday flight directly from Wuhan, China.

South Korea also reported cases of Covid-19 and most of our flights then were from South Korea.

I remembered February of 2020, even before our country has issued travel ban restrictions, almost all of us got sick at work.

I was even hospitalized because I was running a fever for almost a week already. Swab tests were not required yet back then. I was thinking, had I been swabbed would it have yielded a positive result? 😂

Moving forward, more than a year after we no longer have International Flights, I tested positive.

My mom was sick (not of covid) and I decided to visit her on my off days. I thought, I had to take swab first to be sure I dont have covid before I visit her.

I went and took the swab the day before I left. I was told I’ll get it within 12 hrs. I was also told to isolate for the next 12 hours while I wait for my result.

I waited until night but the result was not emailed to me.

The next day was my flight to Manila. I still have not received my RT-PCR result yet. But I went ahead with my flight since I was confident I don’t have the virus because I was perfectly fine.

Manila doesn’t require negative RTPCR result for travellers so there’s really no need for me to wait for the result before I can go on with my flight.

After more than an hour we reached Manila. As soon as the flight crew announced we had landed, I immediately turn on my phone.

Messages and emails started coming in. I saw an email notification and opened it at once.

I felt I froze when I read the message. I was covid-19 positive.

My plan to go to my Mom was halted because I had to isolate.

My friend then just helped me find a place where I could Isolate for 14 days.

I felt different kinds of emotions. My 2-day trip turned into more than 2-week trip. I left my children on their own.

That same day, I got the call from our LGU asking for my whereabouts and the people that I got in close contact with. I also got a message from our company doctor the next day for monitoring.

I also monitored my children at home. I asked for their temperatures every morning and afternoon for 10 days.

My eldest son got skin rashes 6th day of their quarantine. I informed the LGU if there’s a need for swab but no reply. i just kept monitoring them for further symptoms.

I thank God that they did not have any other symptoms..

During my isolation days, I was told to monitor symptoms but I thank God I never had any other symptoms, except for a few nights when I had hard time to breathe.

14 days after my isolation, I went ahead and had myself tested again. although the LGU said the protocol said there’s really no need to be tested again, I still went ahead and had another RT-PCR test.

When the test came negative, I visited my mom right away and then went back home the next day.

Aduana de Iloilo

Today marks the 166th Founding Anniversary of Bureau of Customs Port of Iloilo.

I am proud to say that despite Pandemc, Port of Iloilo has been doing a great job meeting its monthly target and even surpassing it. 🙂

I know I am missing a lot of opportunities not having to work at our District Office since I have been assigned to man our office here at Kalibo International Airport.

But nevertheless, I am equally honored by the success of my District Office.. 😍😘

Again, Happy 166th Founding Anniversary Bureau of Customs Port of Iloilo.

with my BOC-KIA Family

Calling it quits.

I knew from the very beginning that my decision to be with him was a mistake…but I pushed through with it.

I knew from the beginning how it will end…but I still did it.

Now it’s been three years since I called it quits.

Three years may seem long enough but to me it always feels just like yesterday.

Though I do not regret my decision to correct what I have done in the past, it still pains me to see that I took away something from my children.

Something that I know I can never ever give back to them. That no matter how I would try to make them feel complete, they would always feel something is missing.

I can try to compensate. We can try to co-parent, but I know it will never be the same…..

On It Again

Heard of the saying before, “If you keep doing the same thing, do not expect to get different a result.”

Sometimes, I can’t believe how stubborn I can be. Believing that getting into the same situation will yield into a different thing.

At the moment, I am still waiting. Waiting for things that will unfold eventually.