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She knew him once before.
Couldn’t believe she’d see him once more.
The old flame she thought had died down
Suddenly sparked and turned to fire.

The longing she thought was lost
Slowly crept up to find its host
Memories long forgotten
Quickly resurfaced to its place

Fate played games of cupid.
Reunited their souls
Two hearts intertwined together
Destined as one body and soul.



Bad Judgement

I was with my son and we saw one of my colleagues at work, who’s probably five years behind to a senior citizen.

I introduced my son to him. After he left, my son asked me, “Is he older than you mom?”

I was shocked, embarrased and yes, insulted by my son’s “bad judgement.” How could he not see that my co worker is far, far older than me!?

I answered him harshly, “You know stupid questions deserve stupid answers right?”

And, I lectured him about being sensitive, and thinking before asking or saying anything, blah blah blah..

He kept silent and I just saw him looked to the ground. And then I thought, “A tap on the shoulder for a job well done. Another point for good parenting discipline!”

And, then God spoked to me. “Mind your judgement, my daughter.”

I looked at my son and then it hit me. My son, though thirteen years old looked more like ten or eleven years old.

He told me once before that whenever people would ask him, ” Anong grade ka na?” Instead of saying, “Grade six”, he’d just say, “Grade four.” Because nobody would believe him if he tells them he’s grade 6.

And, that’s where he’s coming from. He has met a lot of people who looks older than him but were actually younger.

That’s the reason why he asked me if the guy that we met was older than me. Not because he was asking a stupid question, but because of his experiences.

My son did not have a bad judgement, I did. My son was not insentitive, I was.

Yes, I deserve a tap, but not on the shoulder, the face perhaps. 🙂 😛

I felt bad for what I did to my son and I have asked for forgiveness. I should be more careful next time.

And, I thank God for correcting me and reminding me of His ways.

“Joyful are those you discipline, Lord , those you teach with your instructions.”

Psalms 94:12 NLT

About life

This one’s for you Papa

..the leader of the band is tired and his eyes were getting old.

It was in December of 2014 when my father left us.  I went to Manila to take the second examination for the job I was applying for.  I was unaware that my father was sick.

My father was a very talkative man.  He was always the “bangka” in every conversation.  He was a joker – and he would always be the first person to laugh whenever he would deliver a joke.
I remember, during the last hours of his life, he looked for me.  He said, “Nandyan pa ba si Lodie?”  I answered , “Yes.”, in between my sobs.

He then said, “Kaya mo yan. Ako kasi di ko na kaya.”  He was referring to the exam that I was supposed to take later that day. Although my father was a very talkative man, he refused to talk to us or give us advice on serious matters. It was the first “advice” he gave me.

I kissed my papa goodbye when I left to take the examination.  Little did I know, he was the one leaving us for good.  After the exam,my sister called me and told me that Papa’s gone.

It hurts – a lot.  But there was nothing else we could do.  I just prayed that God would give me the job that I applied for.  I wanted it to be the last gift that I could give my father.  He had high hopes that I could make it and I never wanted to disappoint him.

And, God answered our prayers.  I got accepted in that company. But, it was only this March 2016 when I officially joined this company.

To Papa, I promise to do good in this company. I will always remember that God answered our prayers when He let me join this job.



















































































































































































































































































































About life

A Struggling Mom

This morning challenged me to prove what’s more important, career or family?

I am a struggling mom. I’m a trying hard mom.

Yesterday, I had a heart to heart talk with my middle child.  I told her, how sorry I was for being an impatient mom. 

Earlier today, as I prepare to go to work, I heard my 2-year old daughter told ate Rena to get out of our room in a not so nice way.

I told her to say sorry.  But she said “no!”

I had to force her to say sorry but she said insisted she wouldn’t.  I am fighting against time because I had to go to work. I could have just left and forget everything that happened.

But, I thought, I was also fighting against PRIDE.  Pride that has already crept into my daughter’s heart at this early.

And, I knew I just couldn’t let this pass…even if it means being late for work. 

She was crying outloud and I was crying inside.

Eventually, she gave it.  It must been hard for her to say sorry because it took a while.  I still didn’t like the way she said her sorry but at least she did.  She is still a child anyway.

We went back to our room and I prayed for her.  I asked God to give me wisdomand patience to rear my children; so that I (we) could make them be what God wants them to be.


A Poem from my Daughter

I left for Cebu and was there for three days. Although, it is normal for my 6-year old daughter to write poems and even compose songs for me, I find this one very sweet. When I arrived last night, she immediately read to me this poem. She must have missed me a lot. 🙂

From your hair
To your eyes
To your heart
That’s true.
These are all the reasons
Why I love you Mom.

You’re beautiful.
Smart and special
..and you’re my Mom.

Such a sweet little darling. 🙂

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My daughter excitedly told me she will be joining a singing contest at school. It should be the first because for two consecutive years she had been joining a poem competition. I chose the piece right away and helped her learn the song. The elimination was scheduled three days after she told me about the contest.

Today is Friday. She went to school all prepared for the elimination. She was so excited and I was excited too when she left for school.

She went home and told me she did not perform. She said she was shy. I had to admit, I was disappointed, I told her, it would have been better if she were eliminated than her not performing at all. I hurt her too, I know…and I am sorry. I should have just supported her.

She was to perform there alone, no one to support her. Good thing I was able to record one of our practices. Here is the link.

It brought back memories from when I was still young. I remembered I did not grow up with my family. Yes, I was with my aunt and my sister, but technically we were left alone. I remembered when I joined a Pageant during my college years, I was first year college. I won 1st Runner Up, not bad at all. I accepted the award with my college friends; no family member at all. I remembered it was empty. Yes, I was happy but I have no one to share it with. I may not have won the title, and it was okay, but it could have been perfect if I my family were there.

I remembered the last question that was asked,  “If you were to die today, what would be your last wish?”

Back then, I was not sure of my salvation yet.  Back then, I was away from my family.  My answer:  “Since, I am about to die, my wish would be for myself.  I would wish that I could be saved and go to heaven. ”

Looking back, I would have had answered differently if I were already secured of my salvation then.  I would have had answered differently if only I had a family.

Everything is different now,  and as a mom, I would want to be there for Andy in every step of the way.


About life


You were there.
I was there.
Time brought us together.
We had the chance to talk
That was all I was after.

Hands held tight
Hearts together again.
All the love, the pain poured in.
All the words I’ve been meaning to say
Finally, now I can utter.

Tears falling, so liberating.
At last, I had the chance to say it.
Been waiting for this.
This is closure.

….and, yet it happened in a dream.
So real…so surreal…

(In a dream..I was with Robin Padilla)