Typhoon Yolanda

We left our house early in the morning yesterday (11-08-13) and moved to a more secured place…I was carrying my 5-day-old daughter. 

We spent the day in an apartelle. At night time, we were all keen to know what’s happening but there’s no tv, no radio.  We satisfied ourselves listening to the whistle of was so strong and scary! Good thing it’s not much raining.

At midnight we even heard the sirene (wangwang) trying to warn the people of an upcoming flood, thank God the flood did not happen. 

We went home early in the morning and felt devastated as we passed through trees that collapsed & were uprooted.  The sight of the houses and fields that were damaged were more terrifying. I can’t even control my children’s reactions upon seeing the horrible aftermath of #YolandaPH .

We reached home and we were met by our cottage already pinned down to the ground. 

We wanted so much to watch tv or listen to the radio to find out what’s happening but we were isolated from the world. We were just getting information from our relatives who were not much affected by the typhoon – some info were even coming from outside of the Philippines.

We do not have electricity since yesterday morning and rumor has it that it might take a month or so before it can be restored..

Please continue to pray for all of the people who were affected by #YolandaPH .

God bless the Philippines.  God bless the Filipinos.

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Patience is a Virtue



     Today, I am on my 39th week and 1 day.  I never thought I would come this far!  At 35 weeks, we were even concerned about having a premature baby because the baby was too low.  My OB even asked me to take a leave from work at 37th week.  ( I did take a leave earlier since I had to finish my Research Proposal for my Master’s Degree.)  

     I have been exercising since my 37th week arrived.  Walking in the morning followed by my dancing routine.  They were exhausting (but not as exhausting as waiting..) 

     I know I have to wait until the right time comes – the time designated by God for her to come out, but really, sometimes the waiting part could be the hardest part.   

     The fact that I was not alone waiting for our baby to arrive, made it more difficult.  My eldest son, Seandy, and my daughter, Andy were among those people who ask (pressure me) me every single day when our baby would arrive.  

     This could probably be the last time I will experience being pregnant, so I need to savor every part of it.  But, if God will us another gift someday, I would be very much willing to accept it, care for it, and again feel the “exhausting” part of anticipating when the baby would arrive.  

     It’s November first, my due date will be on November 7,  I am hoping the next entry on this blog would include the picture of the new member of the family.  

     While waiting, I could not help myself from looking at the old pictures of my two babies, indeed they are gifts from God that I will forever be grateful for. 









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Long Way to Go

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward

-Psalm 127:3


My son approached me one day and told me he was asked by his teacher to be their class’ representative to join the “Talumpati” (Oration) contest for Buwan ng Wika.

I was hesitant at first because I knew it would be hard memorizing a speech.  I never doubted my son’s ability to memorize, I just do not want him to be forced to do something he would rather not do.

After talking to him and learning that he would love to join, I explained to him what must be done. 

I prepared the speech, adjusted it a little, and gave him the schedule and our timeframe.

I had to make sure we follow the schedule religiously. 

Finally, the moment arrived.  I thank God because he won first prize in the competition.  To God be the glory.


That night, my husband and I talked. We were so grateful to be blessed with wonderful children. 

But, we never looked at them as things that we should crow about, we looked at them as heritage that we have to handle well.  We, as parents, are only stewards of our children.  We do not own them. 

We were also reminded that we should help them be what God would like them to be.  And, that is hard work and a big responsibility.

We believe that God is preparing us for bigger responsibilities in the future. 

I have read a quote that says , “We may never prepare the future for our children, but we can prepare our children for the future.”

May God continue to bless us and give us wisdom in fulfilling the role that He has called us to do.


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Another Blessing

” A mother’s love is always whole, no matter how many times divided.”

I will be blessed with another angel in the family a few months from now.

I was chatting with an old friend earlier and we talked about how blessed we were for being given the opportunity to raise wonderful children.

I also told her how inadequate I felt trying to be a mother to my children.

I realized, if I would only trust in my own power, I couldn’t go anywhere, but with God’s power I know I could be more than conqueror!

I only have to be honest and humble enough to accept the things I cannot do.

I will be blessed with another child, this proves that God still trusts me and is confident that I can take care of yet another magical blessing.  :)

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“The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of christian,But the fact that I am a christian does make me a different kind of woman.”

― Elisabeth Elliot

I am a Woman designed by God.

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Embracing Pain

For two weeks now, our Coach (Pastor) has been discussing about pain.  She would like us to understand  that pain is unavoidable, but we can learn a lot from it.  

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you. 

Last Sunday, she showed us a video that made me crying all throughout.   It is a video where God chisel’s someone.  Can you imagine being chiseled? How fun can that be?  You, being shaped or cut with a chisel!  Ouch!  But that is true with pain; it is never fun; however, it can model us to what God would like us to become.  


Here is the link to the video that I was referring to.  I hope that just like the guy, in the skit, we will also embrace pain and be willing to be changed to His image no matter what it takes.

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Almost the End of Vacation

One more month and vacation will be over.

I was told we needed to go back to school first day of June. I am just excited for the new school year to start. I resigned from the old school I was working with, last March. I tried to apply in other schools, and I was hired too, but my husband would like me to teach in Christ the King School. It is the school where my children are enrolled.

It was actually, last year when their School Director and the Head Pastor asked me to join them this school year.

I was hesitant at first, since I never really wanted to work in the same school where my kids are enrolled but my husband would like me to work there, so I said, I would give it a try. Anyway, aside from the reason that I mentioned, there are more reasons why I would like to work there.

There are two Christian schools here in Kalibo, and one offers primary level only. I tried to apply in a Catholic School and got hired to. The principal explained that it didn’t really matter whether I am a Catholic or not as long as I do not impose my faith on the students.

I agreed but come to think of it I,  think I can’t. Anyway. I am looking forward to working in a new environment, and I know that God will help us give the best to our students.

Praise God and to God be the glory!!!

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